Guitars - Collection

Lost In the Sauce - Collection

This collection of images is inspired by a saying very prevalent in my life. “Lost in the Sauce” is something my friends and I have been telling each other for a long time and I’ve always thought it to be a very peculiar and intriguing phrase. To me it means that someone is incredibly passionate about and occupied in some activity, usually an outdoor sport, whether that's hiking, skiing, skating, or surfing. If you’re lost in the sauce you’re doing something right and you’re probably a very happy fulfilled person.


NBNW title.jpg

A sequence of title images for a short film I made in the summer of 2016. This film, North by Northwest, documented my travels as I explored the Northwest regions of the US in my Subaru. Each chapter features a different state and the experiences I had there.


MIGRATION UI - Interactive Installation


This was a collaborative project completed with my Designing Social Good class taught by Laleh Mehran at the University of Denver. For this interactive installation we partnered with the Biennial of the Americas to create a piece that represented connections across national borders. We are symbolizing the movement of beings throughout the americas by reenacting the motions of endangered and significant animal species to this part of the world. I personally designed these visuals for our user interface to prompt individuals to make these shapes with their bodies. The images/frames are then added to an ongoing animation. This piece was on display on the 16th St. Mall in Denver, CO (16th and Arapahoe).

SHEPARD FAIREY - Vector Portrait


A portrait of famed street artist and social activist Shepard Fairey created in photoshop using vector shapes and text. The final piece was inspired by the Obama "HOPE" poster which was designed by Fairey for the 2008 presidential campaign





CHOICE - Glitch Collage


This piece is designed to show two stark future realities. As humans, we are responsible for our decisions and actions and I believe we are in total control of our collective, shared destiny. We must decide what kind of world we want the future to look like. 




TAKE A WALK - Empathy

Take a Walk.jpg

Empathy is one of the most important traits we can possess as people. I believe that putting yourself in someone else's shoes or trying your hardest to feel what they feel can only guide our relationships in positive directions. 







This was a sticker I designed to honor and remember a good friend of mine, Corey Borg, who passed away in an avalanche in January, 2019.

LEAF LIFECYCLE - rainbow spectrum